Project Consultants

Cell Therapy Group prides itself in an unparalleled breadth of knowledge of the cell therapy and regenmed industries with scientific, technical, and commercial expertise.

Aside from its core team of consultants, CTG has a roster of project consultants who are under master services and confidentiality agreements with CTG.  The offer a wide variety of expertise and experience and are brought in as projects and client needs require.

Some of the core skill sets of these consultants are outlined below:

Consultant A

Technical Expertise 
• Working knowledge of the pharma world from discovery to development, clinical trials to outcomes research
• Toxicology/Preclinical Safety 
• GLP research for drug discovery assay development 
• Cell-based assays  
• Primary cell isolation & culture  
• cGMPs, product specifications, product development  
• Safety assessments for GMP cleaning limits and toxicological review of contaminant deviations 
• Scientific writing, regulatory guidelines & submission reporting 

Business Accumen 
• Market analysis  
• Consultative selling  
• Stem cell technologies & market 
• New product launch  
• Business Development  
• Trust-building & Teamwork  
• Creative problem-solving 
• Strategic Planning 
• Training development/instructional design & instructor led training  
• Effective communication/influence skills  
• Strong professional network built on collaborative partnerships and ability to sincerely connect with


Consultant B

Expertise and experience in regenerative medicine, particularly conversant with the following:
Business planning, due diligence, technical and commercial analyses, go/no-go decision-making, market research, risk analysis
KOL networking and facilitation towards scientific and business collaboration/partnership
R&D, preclinical and clinical pathway planning for cell therapy product commercializtion
Adipose stem cell product commercialization
International markets for regenmed & stem cell businesses, particularly China, Isreal, & Middle East
Medical tourism.

Consultant C

Extensive experience and expertise in stem cell biology, managing both discovery and R&D programs, neural stem/progenitor cells, islet cells, cardiomyocytes, hepatocytes, hESC-based ADMEtox platforms, differentiation of hESCs into cells for potential therapeutic use, etc


Others to be posted soon...